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July Blueberries

In the Skagit Valley, we’re quite fortunate to have so many delicious resources right at our fingertips. One favorite family farm we try to frequent as many times as possible during the feels-so-darn-quick blueberry season is Carpenter Creek Farm.

This year we tackled two of their three varieties at once — Bluecrop and Jersey. The Bluecrop is so pop-able and fresh. And Jersey is dark and jammy, perfect for pies, in my opinion, because the cooking down only intensifies their dense flavor. Usually the Jerseys follow the Bluecrop, but this year it’s been so warm, they decided to come out early to play.

Carpenter Creek also grows Pembertons, but they’re a bit more difficult to pick, so we stuck with the two more kid-easy. No matter, I’m sure I’ll find someone to eat the pie …



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