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Farewell, My Lovely Gourmet

I nearly cried when the last issue of Gourmet was delivered to my home.

I lamented the end of a magazine era. The end of days reading and re-reading the travel and eating and dining adventures … and so well-written!

Fortunately, I believe the death of this beloved magazine left a gap, and therefore an opportunity for other publications to step up to the plate. And step it up they have, your modern food section news stand is full of interesting content and diversely focused publications … but there will most certainly always be a place for Gourmet. And this is why I still cruise Ebay for past issues I don’t have, and regularly thumb through the issues I do have … and why I’ve been known to snag any I see on the Library “Free” shelf.

Check the thrift store mag rack and grab what you find. You’ll not be disappointed. They’re worth the hunt.


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