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Decaf to Die for

I’m not someone who thought I’d ever be touting the glories of a decaf coffee, but enter a few health issues, remove an ability to tolerate coffee’s punchy caffeine … and I’m here crying, isn’t there anything out there for the rest of us??

Water Avenue Coffee is a sweet place in SE industrial Portland, Oregon, just on SE Water Ave. (The source of the name, no doubt.) It’s a rather straight forward sort of place, one that doesn’t distract you from the wonderful finesse of their beans.

I adore their Decaf el Toro Espresso Blend.

German chocolate, toffee, fresh vanilla bean, buttery finish. Naturally Water Processed to remove caffeine. — Water Avenue Coffee

It’s simply one of the best, if not the best artisan decaf I’ve ever tried! There’s no way a person would knowingly think it a “decaf” if served non-comment at a dinner party. I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping and waiting for them to create another decaf roast.

Decaf el Toro Espresso Blend is available online at the Water Avenue website, or of course, you could visit for yourself. $15 for 12oz bag.



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