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It’s rather an ambitious request on the Theo wrapper, “Share Enjoy”. I’ve got the “Enjoy” bit down, not too keen on the “Share”.

The Theo chocolate factory is located in Fremont, Seattle, and if you’ve not yet had the opportunity to take the tour (complete with delicious samples … and sans those annoying oompa loompas) it’ll be the best $10 you spend on an outing. Well … you may spend more. The shop is rather alluring too.

Theo chocolate is ridiculously simple, and one of the only companies not to include soy lecithin as an ingredient. The process of building this delicious bar is anything but “simple”, but you’ll see that for yourself when you take the tour. In mine today, it’s just organic/fair trade cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter and ground vanilla bean. Not too shabby.

My favorite is the pink peppercorn with tart cherries in dark chocolate bar they make for Valentine’s Day. Now, every time I bite into a dark chocolate, I wonder, would this be better with pink peppercorns?

You’re my “Share” for the day. This time I didn’t keep the bar to myself … I’m sure you’re proud. ;)


Oh! And did I mention Theo has a cookbook coming out next month!? Oh. Boy. Not sure I’ll want to share any of those goodies either.

Happy Chocolating!

Theo Chocolate: Recipes & Sweet Secrets from Seattle’s Favorite Chocolate Maker is available for preorder on Amazon.com.


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