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In the Kitchen with A Modern Way to Eat

Overnight Oats with Peaches // What Gets Me Up in the Morning

IMG_0290Okay, okay. Don’t just skip over this one because it’s like every fifth pin on The Pinterest … this is seriously good, and seriously worth doing.

Having pinned several of these, but never committed to their gooey look, overnight oats are much tastier than they look sitting there soaking in the refrigerator. With the chia and seeds (I used raw sunflower seeds) the dish has a lovely creaminess, a bit like chilled tapioca pudding.

The suggested squeeze of lemon is a must, and really perks up the whole thing. And you can make these with any seasonal fruit you have on hand. Win!

Cherry Poppy Seed Waffles // What Gets Me Up in the Morning

IMG_0281I’m a sucker for breakfast, and at any time of the day. In fact, I think I actually prefer it at night. It’s comforting, filling … the perfect end cap.

I’ll generously state that we had this for late brunch. (Um, it was also early dinner.) These were so filling! But, let me stress, not a gut bomb!

Usually I feel a heavy carbo-load after a dish of waffles, but with all those chia eggs (I cooked it per her vegan instruction. *sigh* Egg allergy.) it was loaded with good protein and was very satisfying after only a couple waffles. (We usually polish off more than that!!) AND I thought, oh, pah! Waffles. We need some sausages to round these out. Ends up we didn’t.

The sausages ended up as leftovers, and the waffles filled us for a evening of goofing around outside. Big thumbs up here. Jones’s little additions of lemon zest and toppings of cooked down fruit (we used blueberries, she says to use what’s in season) and yogurt (maple goat yogurt for us) made this meal very nourishing and well-rounded … especially considering it tasted like dessert.

Speedy Sweet Potato Quesadillas // Food for Filling a Gap

Try these for yourself! Recipe here.

Spiced Salt Caramel Popcorn // Food for Filling a Gap

The kids and I regularly “fill a gap” between lunch and dinner with a big bowl of popcorn, this took that habit up a notch.

Jones is more than generous with her recipe size (how does she know that I and three little ones scarf so much mid meal??) and one key ingredient isn’t named in the recipe title that I think is essential to know — grated zest of 1 orange.  This little touch ensured that despite her generous portion, the popcorn was polished off quite easily. :)

[Photo Above]

Figs with Sticky Date Dressing // Satisfying Salads

IMG_0233Okay … it’s a salad. I can hear you wondering just how satisfying a salad of figs and green leaves can be. Clearly, very! Served this up at a salmon bake and it was first gone off every plate. Off even my dad’s plate, and he’s a big time scoffer of the greens. (Love you, Dad. Have some kale …)

I didn’t have the date syrup, but she says blend a couple dates with a little oil … and here, my pro blender failed me. (Anna and Kim, I can hear you laughing.) It didn’t enjoy the small job of a little oil and a few dates, so I ended up with a lumpy condiment (see photo) rather than a smooth pretty syrup as pictured in Jones’s book. No matter. This. Was. The. Bomb. I mean, really good. And the bits of date were juuuuust fine. So no, not handing in My Precious blender. ;)

[Blender Love]

Sweet Red Onion and Hazelnut Pizzette // Easy Lunches and Laid-Back Suppers

This one is right here. Give it a go for yourself. Yum!

Pistachio and Elderflower Cordial Cake // Cakes, Bread and a Few Other Things

This looks amazing. Really amazing. Here’s the recipe.

Still in the kitchen …

Making Jones’s Charred Pepper and Halloumi Stew in her “A Bowl of Broth, Soup, or Stew” section and her Popcorn Tacos from “Easy Lunches and Laid-Back Suppers” (I am always attracted to the fun or funky recipes).

Happy Modern Cooking! :)

Check out the cookbook review right here.



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  2. Mamaraye says

    Lovely tablecloth under the salad! 😊 and you are right, that salad was amazing!

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