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A Bird in the Kitchen

Earlier this month, I reviewed the amazing Diana Henry’s equally amazing A Bird in the Hand, here are some of the recipes I tried.

Roopa’s Lemongrass and Turmeric Chicken with Potato Salad and Date and Tamarind Chutney

Henry says this is one of her favorite dishes in the book, so I felt Roopa’s chicken took priority over the other delicious-looking birds. I loved seeking out the unique ingredients at the Asian market, and I didn’t have to change a thing for my weird diet issues in this delicious adventure for my palate.

The potato salad recipe is to die for. Definitely one I’ll take to a next picnic. And the leftover tamarind chutney goes well on all sorts of things!

Edible Shelf : it’s only a blessing that the tamarind chutney has to be made in bulk. That Potato Salad is de-lish!!!!

Diana Henry: chutney is fab. Good w lots of things. Freezes well too :)

Edible Shelf: what else do you like it on/with?

Diana Henry: w dal, lamb and vegetable curries. Also griddled aubergines and yoghurt

— via Twitter @edibleshelf @dianahenryfood

Pictured below, I tossed some thinly sliced raw zucchini in the chutney and topped with torn mint and pomegranate seeds. (I used this method to get those seeds out like a pro. Thank you, Jamie Oliver aka Naked Chef ;)

A Bird in the Kitchen A Bird in the Kitchen
A Bird in the Kitchen A Bird in the Kitchen

Chicken with Riesling, Leeks, and Grapes

[ I’m going to take a quick second here to say that the Index is horrid. You’d better remember the name of your chicken dish, because if you can’t recall this or it has no photo to grab you, it’ll be murder to find. This said. (!!!) If a lousy Index means I get more recipes from Diana Henry, I could care less! Also … you may think I could just tab the ones I like for ease in returning to … and here’s another “problem” with this cookbook, you’d end up tabbing every recipe! ;) ]

This was hands down a favorite for us. The recipe calls for cream, but because of the generous lemon, I felt it was just fine to sub the cream for a very mild (and delicious) plain sheep’s milk yogurt.

Family asked that I make this again soon.

Chicken with Thyme and Lemon and Smashed Garlic Potatoes

Nope. This isn’t your every day “thyme and lemon chicken.” This, dear reader, is amazing. And well deserving of its cover shot status. But you don’t need to take my word for it, the recipe is right here. (Yay!)

Bourbon and Marmalade-Glazed Drumsticks

Chicken Pot-Roasted in Milk, Bay and Nutmeg

Find both of these right here. (Double yay!)

Happy Birding!



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