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Always Room for ‘Joy’

IMG_0672 I’m sure there are plenty of kitchen superstitions to go around, but I may be so bold as to add another: If Joy of Cooking is pristine, a worse chef you’ve never seen. If Joy of Cooking dirty be, then take ye seconds or thirds, maybe.

Okay, maybe that’s more like a kitchen limerick … or proverb … or whatever you will. The point? I think it may be bad luck to keep your Joy of Cooking cookbook on the shelf too long. So I hauled my old copy out and consulted it in making caviar — because the best thing about Joy of Cooking, if you need to cook it, it’s probably in there. The Joy of Cooking agrees:

edibleshelf: There’s always a need for the #JoyofCooking #cookbook. Not needing to skin a squirrel (this time) but trying to make my own #caviar. #salmonseason #salmoncaviar #fingerscrossed #salmonroe #freshfish #thankyouneighbor *

thejoyofcooking: There’s also a section on root cellars just in case ;)

If you haven’t yet gotten or been given a copy of Joy of Cooking, then what are you waiting for!? Get to the used bookstore, find a copy full of someone else’s food adventures, and then get back home to make some grapefruit aspic with sherry, porcupine hamburgers, Hawaiian meatballs or maybe just some deviled eggs.

Whatever you decide, you need this tome.

I’m not sure what occasion marked Mom’s giving me my copy, but I sure love the anniversary inscription inside. (Along with Mom’s sweet little love note … and date. You must always date an inscription. Maybe that’s another superstition.)

I digress.


Happy Anniversary, Doris,

What reason could there be for giving you a cookbook when when your cooking over the past 32 years has so eloquently proven that you didn’t need one? Well — just because every home should have one cookbook. Besides you might enjoy reading it as a fiction book.

Your appreciative guinea pig,IMG_0673


Doris must have been a sassy character as well as a great cook. (Fiction reading indeed!!)

See … it’s never too late to get thee a copy of Joy of Cooking. Do so!

‘Joy of Cooking’ by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker was published in 1931 and is available on and used bookstores everywhere.

* Instagram is like a mecca for hashtags. Unlike Twitter, you can just keep on typing your stream of consciousness until you run out of ways to try at grab people on the great net in space. Please forgive me if you feel the number here is in excess. (I assure you it is not.) But, in the interest of all my friends and loved ones who flinch at the sight of a hashtag, I humbly apologize.



  1. Ed & Raye Pride says

    Love it! And just used it today to make quince…yes, quince from my bushes…jam!

    “Don’t fail to do something just because you can’t do everything.” (Bob Pierce, World Vision)

    “Any day could be a special day, and probably will be, if we just go out to look.” (Kenn Kaufman, Kingbird Highway)

    • What was the occasion of me getting this, Mom? Was this after I flaked out and forgot how to boil water? (See ‘Boiling, about’)

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