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Up Next: Chocolate!

In Review: Theo Chocolate chocolatiers Debra Music and Joe Whinney’s new cookbook, Theo Chocolate: Recipes & Sweet Secrets from Seattle’s Favorite Chocolate Maker

It’s no secret I’m a little gaga for Theo. I enjoy their chocolate, their lovely factory — they’re tours are one of the most fun things to do in Seattle, and no, there aren’t any Oompa-Loompas.

Earlier this month I did a little writing in anticipation of this book. (Read here) So I’ll let the publisher do most of the talking here … I mean, it’s chocolate! What’s not to like!?

Happy Cook-Reading,

Theo Chocolate: Recipes & Sweet Secrets from Seattle’s Favorite Chocolate Maker by Debra Music and Joe Whinney is available now at

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Here are delicious sweet and savory chocolate recipes, along with the fascinating story of how North America’s first organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory came to be (and why they are so passionate about how their chocolate is made).

Theo Chocolate is dedicated to making the world a better place. From bean to bar, Theo Chocolate uses organic ingredients and is committed to Fair Trade practices, working closely with farmers around the world who grow the cocoa beans used in their chocolate. This book not only shares Theo’s story and their passion for doing the right thing, but also celebrates the decadent pleasure of enjoying excellent chocolate thanks to 75 recipes to make at home along with full-color photographs throughout.

Since he founded the company, JOE WHINNEY has dedicated his passion for chocolate, sustainability, and economic justice to the mission of Theo Chocolate, the first bean-to-bar maker of organic, Fair Trade, fair for life, and non-GMO-certified chocolate in North America.

DEBRA MUSIC took a 3,000-mile leap of faith and moved to Seattle from the northeast to assist in the launch of Theo Chocolate. Since then, she’s helped Theo become one of the fastest growing brands in its category by using authentic storytelling to demonstrate the intersection of artisan chocolate making and sustainable, ethical business practices.

— Sasquatch Books


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