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The Well-Paged Cook: A Holiday Gift List

Clockwise from top left: Chickpea (inside page), Gastronomica, Gather Journal, Lucky Peach (cover), Lucky Peach (inside page), Chickpea (cover), Honest Magazine

Along with Bon Appetite, Saveur, Food + Wine and the other well known food publications, there are several craft magazines with a more specific focus that make the perfect stocking stuffer, but only if you get it right. Here are five last-minute finds that could fit the bill.

The Healthy Chef  Chickpea Magazine
$75 // 4 per year //

Making vegan look delicious, Chickpea brings creative vegan cocktails and cuisine to print. With thoughtful articles, city guides, cookbook reviews, dining suggestions and on-trend art and photography this is a gift that will impress even your most hardcore vegan.

Who to get this for? Healthfully mindful home cooks who prefer a plant-based whole food diet. Vegans and vegetarians.

The Intellectual Chef  Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies
$59 // 4 per year //

The name alone lets you know this isn’t a home for food porn. Gastronomica, filled with news on current world issues related to food and eating, is as interesting as it is enlightening. Think of it as falling in the documentary section of film categories on your Netflix list. It’s not bossy or opinionated, but rather provides a venue for diverse articles on a variety of food-related subjects.

Who to get this for? Home cooks who want to learn more about what we eat and why. Anyone interested in food politics and culture.

The Modern Home Chef  Gather Journal
$35 // 2 per year //

Gather Journal is like the photography and design magazines I collected in college. Like a mix of Andy Warhol and vintage 50’s food photography, Gather is alluring but not stand-offish in its modernism. The recipes aren’t just there for looks, this is one magazine to actually cook from. Hyperreal photography blended with recipe-heavy writing makes this one of my favorites.

Who to get this for? For the visual artist and home cook.

The Sassy Chef  Lucky Peach
$28 // 4 per year //

Lucky Peach is the perfect balance of cheeky, informative and borderline rude — think gonzo journalism, foodie style. Fun vibrant photography is paired with quality recipes and writing from food writers and chefs. It’s edited by more food writers and chefs to create a winning combination.

Who to get this for? For the home cook in your life who’s open to jumping on that uni with squid ink pasta trend but who also doesn’t mind a dinner of $3 McD’s burgers and fries.

The Local Chef  Honest Magazine
$15 each // 4 per year //

Created and self-published by Seattle based photographer Shannon Douglas, Honest Magazine shares recipes and photography with a quarterly focus. It has a homey appeal and is full of recipes that will keep this publication on your kitchen shelf rather than the coffee table.

Who to get this for? For the local home cook. Anyone who likes to support small locally produced publications.



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