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Anya Kassoff of Golubka Kitchen is currently working on her second cookbook, one I’m very much looking forward to. She has a creative way of using ingredients and spices. Here’s one of her recipes I plan to make this weekend: Curry Coconut Ice Cream.

[Note her mention of Mountain Rose Herbs. I agree, they’re a phenomenal NW source out of Eugene, Oregon.]

I’ve already sampled Green Kitchen Stories veggie flatbread more than once since they posted their delicious recipe. I love that they warn about the smell of the pre-cooked broccoli “dough” … and it’s true, my son was eying the pan asking if this was something headed to the green bin.

Nope. For my lunch.

I subbed with vegan chia eggs and swapped almond flour for garbanzo and teff, as they and commenters suggested. But if you have no egg or almond allergy or vegan proclivities, I’m sure this will still work wonders for your own lunch.

Green Kitchen Stories is working on their third cookbook … or rather, It’s on way to being published in June by Hardie Grant UK … focusing on healthful smoothies.

It’s on my list!

Check out their YouTube channel and recipe apps.

//Stack Magazines has tackled a favorite of mine — Gather Journal. Reviewer Steve Watson admits to his gushing love for Gather Journal’s concept … “It’s gloriously overblown. But it’s also completely on the money.”

I completely agree.

Check out this video review and visit //Stack Magazines online.


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