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Paella Aspirations

After gaining the unexpected thrift find of a cast iron paella pan, I have yet to acquire the perfect paella-centric cookbook. Phaidon press has reprinted the 2011 published Paella from Alberto Herráiz, which I figure makes the perfect time to hunt down a used copy. Still, it falls around at the $20 point and above, which for used seems a tad spendy … hello, library!

Like most Phaidon Press books, this is a pretty, clean cookbook with advanced level paella recipes, enticing photography and plenty of how-to help. While I’d like to imagine myself tracking down monkfish liver, truffles and fresh eel, the likelihood of actually doing so is slim. Still, for the sheer educational value, I’d love to own this one. The book provides plenty to aim for and gives the inspiration to do as Herráiz advises: experiment.



Alberto Herráiz was born in Castilla la Mancha, Spain, into a family of four generations of restaurateurs. After running several restaurants in Spain, he moved to Paris in 1997 to open Fogón, where he has perfected the art of paella, gaining a Michelin star in 2009.


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