About Me

Hi! I’m Erin Pride. I’m honored you’re even on this page, curious about me … I’m a pretty simple person with a rather crazy addiction to cookbooks. My local library has been my primary source, but I also review cookbooks for my local paper, The Daily Herald.

What about me personally? Well … I sleep … like, a lot. I’ve been battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and other health issues for years now. Along with this, I have several annoying allergies and sensitivities. (I will say, in today’s market, it’s much easier to have a food issue. Heck! There’s even a parade.) But these things together make me a rather home-bound food lover. Enter, The Cookbook.

During a particularly bad spell when my friend Kim said I looked like Death … and couldn’t speak well, so I spoke like in some slurring drunken stupor … she found me sitting in the sun in the back yard with Ottolenghi’s Plenty More on my lap. “What you reading?” I pawed at the book. “Oh. Good stuff.” Didn’t even bat an eye at the fact that I’d pick a cookbook to read cover to cover on a sunny day outside. (Love my friend, Kim.)

The fact is, my eyes sometimes are an issue, so I can’t always read. No matter, there are the lovely photo spreads. Sometimes my appetite is off. So, just focus on what to be eating when I’m more well to enjoy. On occasion … ok, often ... the brain fog is so bad I can’t hold a coherent thought. And there, the joy of the shortest chapters in history … The Recipe! *sigh* It’s so totally true love.

I have a wonderful family. Three little kiddos. A very supportive husband and community of friends. God, breathing and cookbooks get me through the bad spells. But in the good times, it just means I’m able to devote even more energy to geeking out on a stack of cookbooks.

Hope you find a good fit here for your home cookshelf, or a gift for a friend. I try to recommend books by category, but if you’d like to drop me a note, please do! I love finding a book to fit the need. Cheers! And of course, Bon Appétit!

. . .

As an FYI, the cookbook links on Edible Shelf are Amazon.com affiliate links … because I finally got wise to the sheer number of Amazon.com links I was putting in each article anyway. But! I’m a big proponent of the local bookstore, love digging through cookbook stacks in a used book store in hope of uncovering a hidden gem, and of course, the library, so get your cookbooks where you can … but in the interest of transparency, I’m putting this as footnote.