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‘Sweet’ Efforts

Narrowing down which desserts to bake from Yotam Ottolenghi’s and pastry chef Helen Goh’s new cookbook, Sweet: Desserts from London’s Ottolenghi seemed like a Herculean task. While I managed to whittle my recipe selections down to six — there are more than 110 in the book — it wasn’t easy. Ottolenghi is author of two of my all-time favorite cookbooks — Plenty and Plenty More. A London-based food writer, restaurateur and chef, Ottolenghi and his Jerusalem cookbook won a James Beard award in 2013. His eponymous London bakery is the inspiration for this new masterpiece of desserts and sweet treats. As I started my shopping list, I noted a few of the ingredients were new to my pantry, but I readily welcomed them. Items such as fresh bay, jars of tahini, halva (a sort of tahini fudge) along with scads of butter and heavy whipping cream found their way to my fridge. First, I baked a seemingly simple lemon and poppy seed cake that Goh promises will brighten any rainy day or disastrous family outing. She’s a …

‘Tasting Cider’ and other goodies

Cider isn’t something I get too choosy about pairing with food. If it’s nice and dry with a little funk, I’d drink it with Cheetos.

But given CIDERCRAFT Magazine editor Erin James’ brilliant effort in ‘Tasting Cider: The Cidercraft Guide to the Distinctive Flavors of North American Hard Cider,’ I feel a more careful pairing of cider with food deserves my review.

A Family Visit to ‘Koreatown’

Given that my mother and her family spent 13 years living in South Korea, I felt fairly confident approaching ‘Koreatown: A Cookbook’ from chef Deuki Hong and writer Matt Rodbard that focuses on the flavors of Korean-American cuisine. Yet, a few pages in and it was clear my understanding of Korean cuisine was quite limited. While my mother’s shared experience had primed my palate for Korean flavors, I had much to learn. ‘Koreatown’ In Review …