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‘Sweet’ Efforts

A quality dessert and sweets cookbook from one of my favorite chefs and cookery authors.


Easy like ‘JapanEasy’

Tim Anderson’s bio reads like the answer to an obscure food trivia question.

Pop quiz: Wisconsin native. MasterChef UK champion. Japanese food expert. London chef. What do these incongruous descriptors have in common?

‘Tasting Cider’ and other goodies

Cider isn’t something I get too choosy about pairing with food. If it’s nice and dry with a little funk, I’d drink it with Cheetos.

But given CIDERCRAFT Magazine editor Erin James’ brilliant effort in ‘Tasting Cider: The Cidercraft Guide to the Distinctive Flavors of North American Hard Cider,’ I feel a more careful pairing of cider with food deserves my review.

A Family Visit to ‘Koreatown’

Given that my mother and her family spent 13 years living in South Korea, I felt fairly confident approaching ‘Koreatown: A Cookbook’ from chef Deuki Hong and writer Matt Rodbard that focuses on the flavors of Korean-American cuisine. Yet, a few pages in and it was clear my understanding of Korean cuisine was quite limited. While my mother’s shared experience had primed my palate for Korean flavors, I had much to learn. ‘Koreatown’ In Review …