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Back with Chicken

I’ve been a bit MIA in the last months.

Partly because of summer, partly because of my kitchen being renovated — by us, and partly because my health took a mid-season nose dive.

I’ve haven’t let this keep me from tracking what’s new and upcoming in the cookbook world. That would be negligent. :)

I’m back with two summer reads that transition easily to fall. One with art — hello, back to school. One on chicken — hello, curl-up-with-a-hot-drink read.


Dining with Ross’ Famous and Infamous

Fiona Ross has scavenged juicy tidbits of gastronomic intrigue from the stacks of Oxford’s Bodleian Library. Her efforts are now compiled into a book of gossipy essays from her series, Dining with Destiny — Dining with the Famous and Infamous. My review …

‘In Winter’s Kitchen’

In Winter’s Kitchen, by cookbook author Beth Dooley, had me at the title. There’ve been a few cookbooks that have caught my attention recently that work to resolve the issue of cooking and eating locally sourced foods during winter’s harsh growing season. Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest are fortunate to have access to a variety of fresh local foods pretty much year round. We have a relatively long growing season, and rarely harsh winters — when coaxing good food from the earth seems pretty much impossible. I’ve just started digging into Dooley’s book, but I am already enjoying its candid pace. Her writing is a fluent read, one with a cadence that pulls you into her story of relocation from New Jersey to Minnesota and the northern heartland of the United States, home to some of our harshest winters. Dooley is a James Beard award nominee and author of six cookbooks. Her story of embracing the sparse beauty of winter’s food is engaging, and I’ll be sure to let you know what I think as I complete …